family in Berlin

Hello!  We are Nate and Brittany.  In 2001, a pastor told us, “If you ever want to do something incredible for your marriage go on a mission trip together.”

It only took us 12 years to get that process started.  In the spring of 2013, we began meeting with the Germany interest group at our church.  Which lead us to start a prayer partnership with a church plant in Berlin.  Then God began to systematically dismantle everything in our lives that we trusted and found security in outside of Him…job, career, bank accounts.  He was stripping away distractions in our lives and began leading us on a journey that we liken to the Israelites wandering the desert…following our pillar of cloud and fire and trusting God for our provision.  The journey was amazing in a lot of ways, yet extremely hard.  At times Egypt looked good…good food, a company car, health insurance!

I wrote in my prayer journal, “The soles of my sandals are wearing thin.”  But never during this time did we ever feel alone or that God was not present. God also began to reignite passions in Nate that had been buried for years, reminding us of gifts and abilities that He had given us…and He continually provided for our every need. That summer, God brought us to a plateau and said, “This is not the final land I am bringing you to, and I don’t build a house, but I want you to pop a tent.”  For a little while, things calmed down and we were able to rest.

A few months later, we went on a short-term mission trip to Berlin.  The moment our feet hit the ground we began to feel God stir in our hearts.  By the end of our trip, God was clearly showing us how our gifts and abilities overlapped with the needs of the small church community there…and we began to feel His calling on our hearts to be long-term missionaries in Berlin.  Wanting to separate ourselves from the emotion of the trip…and afraid of what God might be calling us to…we spent the next couple of months wrestling with God, asking Him, “God, are you REALLY asking us to move our family to Germany?”

I had decided that if I stopped reading my Bible and writing in my prayer journal, then I wouldn’t hear what God was saying.  In the mean time, faithful Nate kept reading God’s word and sharing with me his confirmation of the call.  When that didn’t work I started to look for my burning bush.  One afternoon, a wise friend told me, “If you are looking for events to validate your faith you will need another event, and another event, and another to keep going.  But, if you are using the gifts and abilities God has given you to further His kingdom and reading His Word, He will use His Word to validate that every time.”  I finally stopped looking for my burning bush and in God’s loving way, He used His Word to do just that.

In the winter of 2014, as Nate played in the worship band and I sat in the audience, the Pastor said to turn to Genesis 12.  “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.”  I knew God was speaking to me about going to the land of Germany.  Then we flipped to Genesis 13:15 and I kept reading to verse 17.  And it says, “And Abram moved his tent under the shade tree of Mamre.”  The very language God had given us months earlier about “popping our tent” He then used to confirm His call in me…my burning bush…in His Word.  I had nothing left but to say, “Ok, Lord, I will move my tent.”

We approached the leadership team of the church in Berlin and asked them to pray about this call separately as well.  On New Year’s Eve, they Skyped with us and confirmed the call God was placing on us and asked us to begin the process of joining their work.  God has continued to affirm His call for us throughout the ‘sending’ process and we are extremely excited to join the Berlin Team…trusting God to continue to provide as we follow our pillar of cloud and fire all the way to Germany!

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