I’ve been pondering the meaning of “courage”. There are many biblical stories were the main person shows great courage. I mean Jacob and Esther both declare, “If I die I die” at some point in their stories.

Taking a closer look at Esther’s story, I’m struck by the part when she tells Mordecai to,”Gather together all the Jews … and fast with me.” Prayer, which usually accompanied this kind of fasting is presumed to be a part of her request. ┬áIn essences she was instructing 100’s of thousands of Jews to pray with her. And we know from history that they did pray with her.

I can only assume, based on my own personal experience, that when Esther, 3 days later, goes before the king she is able to do it with great courage and confidence. She is able, because she knows she does not, metaphorically, stand before the king alone. She is not alone because she has a tribe of people behind her praying for this very moment.


I believe courage is not about relying on your own strength, but relying on the truth of God and the trust in others prayers with yours.


I am so thankful for our own family’s prayer team as we prepare for our own ‘moment‘ with great courage because we do not make this journey alone, yet with a tribe of people behind us – praying!


Study of Esther 4


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