Too often I find myself fashioning golden calves in my life. We all tend to scoff at the Israelites and their lack of faith at Mount Sinai after seeing all that God had done for them in the desert. Moses went up the mountain to meet with the very God who had saved them, but when he was gone a little too long, the people began to doubt and they panicked. They decided to make a god they could “see”. Seriously?!?! Bread from heaven and water from a rock, yet because Moses took a little too long at the meeting on the mountain, this God must not be able to be trusted to come through for them?!?!

But the same can be said of me. God does amazing things in my life and then…He seems to get a little quiet. In my weakness, I can’t see that He may be trying/wanting to reveal Himself in some other new, more tangible way. So I grow impatient and start fashioning my golden calf. Something I can see. Something to try to fill the void I feel from God’s “absence.” Something that, while it may be tangible, is not “real.” And then I realize just how much I have in common with the Israelites that I so easily disparage.

God, give me strength of faith in the quiet times to wait patiently for You and to see the inadequacy of my golden calves.

Fashioning My Golden Calf

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