I am an introvert. I said it. The secret is out. I’m just one of those introverts with an outgoing personality. Just like you can have extroverts with a shy personality. It’s a Myers Briggs thing. I crave alone time, I enjoy sitting in silence, and I’m OK if I don’t have human interaction … for days. Truth is though, I’m an introvert that lives in an extrovert world.

As I got closer to the winter break I knew I was hitting burn out. So as our precious friends left from our New Year’s Eve celebration I turned off my phone, closed the doors, shut the curtains, and envisioned myself as Tom Hanks on Castaway.

Why? Because in an introvert’s world Tom Hanks has it made! Let’s consider:

First, he only had Wilson. When you’re an introvert hanging out with a volleyball with a dried-blood smiley face sounds appealing. That volleyball won’t invade your thoughts with idle chatter, won’t ask you to go “do” something, and never say’s “Lets just talk!” It’s companionship simply.just.smiling.at.you! #WilsonIsAnIntrovertsBestFriend

Second, it wasn’t planned. His plane fell out of the sky and he landed on a beautiful, tropical, warm island. He didn’t have to pack three kid’s suitcases, advise a spouse’s packing, pack his own, starve for two weeks prior to the trip to fit into his bathing suit, arrange for dog care, put mail on hold, or book plane tickets. It just gloriously happened!

Third, he only had to forage for food when he got hungry. He didn’t have three kids and a husband asking about meal plans or have to fight holiday shoppers at the grocery store! If he wanted a fish, he fished. If he wanted a coconut, he climbed a tree and got a coconut. His schedule…his timing!

And now as a fully refreshed introvert, I am thankful my family allowed me to have my own Castaway moment.  No, I didn’t get to be on a deserted island, but I did get some solid alone time.  And while Wilson is amazing, Nate is a great sidekick too!  So what did I do: Nothing fancy. I spent no money. No plan.  No people outside of my immediate 4. I just did it different for a couple of days.  I didn’t use paper plates. I didn’t turn off Facebook. I just spent time with my crew, alone, and at my house. And when I went on my daily walk, I closed my eyes with the sun on my face and pretended I was Tom Hanks.

3 Reasons Tom Hanks Had It So Good As A Castaway

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Tom Hanks Had It So Good As A Castaway

  1. I actually just told a friend, “My sister is an introvert but she seems like an extrovert with her personality!” That is crazy I was just talking about this and then read your post. God made you perfectly.

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