Not going to lie. Having to cancel and reschedule all of our ministry appointments for two weeks because the fever virus is sweeping through our kids has been SO frustrating.  To God I have cried out my anger, I have expressed my sadness, I have labored to understand.  Doesn’t He know that if we are not meeting with people telling the story then He cannot move in people’s hearts?


As I walked and prayed this morning I yelled,”And now You are quiet!  Why are You quiet?!”


I sat down to do my Bible study work and went on a rabbit trail to Psm 112:7. “He will have NO fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”  Yikes!  David is writing this eulogy of a righteous (faithful/believing) man. That eulogy this week has not been me.


God spoke,”Do you trust Me even when your hands are idle?”


He was no longer quiet.  Conviction.


Lord, please forgive me when I forget to trust You. To remember that You are not shaken. To trust, steadfast, that Your knowledge is grater than mine. Please help me to hold Your name – Prince of Peace – closely today. Amen.


And He didn’t have too, but in His loving way, He then proceeded to show us how He had been working on our behalf the entire time.

Trusting When Hands Are Idle

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