This year, Fellowship Women is looking at the theme of story. We asked Brittany Bruns to share hers with us today.

Trusting God ALWAYS makes sense… even when it doesn’t.

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Nate and I laughed out loud when we walked into church in January and saw the new teaching series, “Trusting God makes sense…even when it doesn’t”. But I’m starting at the end of the story and want to take you to the beginning. Our first year of marriage a seed was planted when a pastor told us, “If you want to do something incredible for your marriage, go on a mission trip together.” Thirteen years later we finally watered that seed by checking into mission trips that ultimately would make us feel better about ourselves. “Look at the well I dug. Look at the orphan I hugged.” God calls people to do those things. He wasn’t calling us. He wanted us to walk streets and pray, play worship music, and sit in a coffee shop and relate. RELATE.

We signed up for our “relating” mission trip and set aside a bonus check from work to cover the cost. The trip got cancelled. We weren’t discouraged, we were just waiting. That’s when God started to systematically dismantle our lives. He began to remove everything that distracted us from Him. The gifts we had buried and hid over the past few years, He began to renew. It was a long, painful, and difficult process that we likened to the Israelites being in the dessert. That bonus check now paid our bills. We were never alone, we too had our cloud and pillar of light. We just had to learn to trust it…to trust Him.

During our time in the desert we made not one decision that made sense. First-world, Williamson County sense, that is. God was showing us when, where, and how He is faithful. And through His faithfulness we learned to trust Him. So much so that when we went on that “relating” mission trip and God called our family of five, three of which are kids, to move to former communist-controlled, eastern Germany to be missionaries, we could face our fears and say yes.

As Abram did in Genesis 13:17, “he moved his tent” to the land God was calling him to. And by obedient faith, we will move ours! So when we walked into church in January we laughed because we had already accepted to trust God in our call to ministry even though it didn’t make sense.


**Brittany and her family have been members of FBC for 11 years and will be working with Steffen Weil, the Pastor of Mittendrin, to support their efforts of discipleship, small group community, and leading worship. You can learn more about their ministry at their website,**

Trusting God Makes Sense Even When It Doesn’t

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