God calls us to work. To work hard, but we are not responsible for the results. If I am a farmer, I plant my crop, but I can’t make it grow. If I am a minister, I share the gospel, but I can’t make someone accept salvation. If I am a coach, I teach a kid to shoot a basketball, but I can’t make it go in the hoop.

Those results belong to God.

I can hope for them, pray for them, and grieve the loss of them. But I cannot control them.

I can hustle, put forth my best effort, water the soil, keep lovingly sharing God’s word, and practice my basketball shot, but I don’t and never will control or own the results.

Lord, help me to work hard in the areas You would have me work. Focus on the things You value. Direct me to Your schedule, Your people, and Your path. And help me to not hold those results. You drive the outcome. And in the end, it will all be about what You did through my work. Amen.

My Work + His Results = Kingdom Influence

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