This past week in AR we had a rare occasion to hear from mature Christians, from multiple denominations and churches. Their words of wisdom are raindrops of water for roots to grow. Over a  week on Facebook I will shared one raindrop each day.  Here are those drops.
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“Don’t pray for your kids safety. Pray for their soul. Through their soul is where they will discern the Holy Spirit’s guidance that leads them to safety.”
– Mother of two, 21 years with Family Life


“Don’t get distracted doing “good” work. Focus on the “best” work. – Mother of 3, Head Pastor’s wife


“Your ministry HAS started. God is giving you a group of people to which you are responsible for shepherding their heart too. You have the responsibility of leading them to God too.”
-Mother of 4, 32 years Missionaries


“We don’t do a good job in American recognizing Spiritual Warfare. We don’t teach it in our Sunday school classes nor do bible studies on it, but if we would first pray before we grabbed the medicine bottle or went to the doctor we might see more miracles.” – Missions Pastor, Missionary, 28 years in Indonesia


“Don’t sell God short. You might think you know your gifting, but God might want to use you to plant, water, AND sow his crops of believers.”
-Father of 2, Youth Pastor


“I have been tremendously privileged to see firsthand the transformational change that takes place … when people are given an opportunity to learn and the means to put that learning into practice.” – Missionary, 20 years in Tanzania, Chairman Mission Board, Retired Country Director of Africa International

Drops of Wisdom

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