When the Israelites left Egypt they left the land of slavery.  God delivered them from bondage.  He set their sites and feet to move in the direction of the promise land.  We each have our own “Egypt”.  That thing that we do, the image we have created, or the item we must have that keeps us enslaved to a master that is not God.

When God dismantled my family’s life it left us no choice but to leave Egypt.  It was in leaving that we realized our shackles: our company car, health insurance, out to dinner as we pleased, clothing shopping at our pleasure, etc.  It screamed at me, “You need money!”

It wasn’t so much that we needed any or all of these things, it was the image we had created.  It was that I constantly felt the need to maintain or expand that image.

Life with shackles seems easier doesn’t it?  Really?  Or is the peacefulness of His yoke, the pleasure of being in His will, or the freedom of not being in control mean more?

When I read Hosea 11:5 today I realized that in our Ministry Partnership Development phase of our ministry I am begin drawn back into Egypt.  My mind says,”Oh, if you just knew this person they would donate so much; Oh, if you just had this marketing strategy it would make people write a check; Oh, if you can just teach at this bible study God will help you encounter the money!”  REALLY?  “encounter the money!

Lord, may I always be the woman that is looking to encounter the heart that needs to hear the story you wrote for us.  May it pierce their heart to be impacted in a way that only you can impact a life.  So that REAL life change happens and the bondage of Egypt will be broken.


Drawn Back To Egypt

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