During the month of July our family took our vision trip to our new home.  Lots of photos and “what we learned today” are on our Facebook accounts.  What follows is my final prayer update from the trip.

Good afternoon Prayer Team,

We are home, rested, and over the jet lag.  Day one we all slept, day two we all were awake, day three two of the three kids fell asleep during dinner, and by day four we were back to our normal routines.  We are so honored to have had each one of you praying for this part of our journey.  God answered so many of your prayers on our behalf.

He first provided us with every safety detail we asked.  We felt safe our entire trip and had no issues at any check point.  Praise God!

When asked my major take away from the trip is, “I will have community when I arrive”.  In a city of over 160,000 people we encountered two families at two different locations on two different days that recognized that they were seeing us again for a second time.  Both families smiled and exchanged welcoming pleasantries when seeing us again.  I feel so confident in the community that God is going to create for us AND that there is a universal bond in being a parent!  Praise God!

Nate’s major take way from the trip,”God solidified the call of the work He wants us to do.”  As we walked the whole territory of Potsdam, God confirmed in Nate how He created him for intimate relationships with people and the call to do discipleship work.  It became evident that the work Nate will do in the cafe will be important, but that God has a big paint brush for all the endeavors that He will ask Nate to join over the years of life in that city. Praise God!

From the day we arrived to the day we left we saw our kids engage in the culture, smile at what was to be learned, and be full of joy at the possibility of moving.

Only God can spark that kind of response from a 10, 7, and 4 year old and we were honored to be on lookers at what God did creatively with bugs, bottle caps, bikes, people, and trains.  And the tall socks we were able to find at a store for Will helped heal the blisters on his sore feet!  Praise God!

As an update for the school appointment they would not give us a tour when we arrived.  To be honest they were not very excited that we were there, but I must say I can understand and have compassion from their less that enthusiastic greeting.  So we left Germany with no tour of the b-lingual school, but know it will be ok.  We have learned of a valuable resource on the RG Berlin Team that will be able to help us navigate the Germany school system!  Plus I am confident that God has my kids best at heart when it comes to their education.  He will lead!

Praise God!  As we walked and biked the various districts of Potsdam, God truly joined our family’s hearts.  All five of us agree on the desires of our new home!  How amazing is that!!!  We are still flushing out the specifics of what that looks like, but feel confident that a solid plan will form within the next weeks and months to follow.

And finally, I wouldn’t do this Praise Report justice if I didn’t acknowledge what is ahead.  Please pray for Nate and I as we fly out Saturday, 8/1, to be in MN all week with Reach Global staff.  We will be doing training on Ministry Partner Development.  We pray for minds to be open to wisdom and sound teaching, the creative juices to flow in our writing and introductions, and that God will continue to show us how to toil soil for sowed seeds to grow.  My 102 year old Granddaddy that has been a farmer his whole life might have a suggestion or two on that subject as well!

Hugs to each of you,

Brittany (Nate and Kids)
Vision Trip 2015

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