Hello from the Nashvegas Bruns’ Clan. In true form I am writing the letter again this year…it’s become standard tradition. I have finally conceded to the fact that along with Nate and Brittany I am getting older…and more grey hair has shown up. We’ve started calling them, “Strands of Wisdom.” It makes going grey sound better!

This has been a year of conquering fear and taking new paths. A year of walking by faith into an unknown future. A year of loss to have gain; death to have life; and blindness to have sight. If you would like a deeper dive into our year read here.

God has continued to open new doors for Nate and close old ones which has lead him to conquer his fear of joining the worship team at our church and write music again. God has grown Nate’s faith, shaped his heart, awakened places that used to be dormant, and revealed Himself in ways that are miraculous, leaving him overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Nate enjoyed taking the boys camping again this fall and having “economic lessons” over the summer. These events usually lead to an unlimited supply of marshmallows and trading your 16 oz. Dr. Pepper for a 2 Liter because of cost analysis!

Brittany says, “When you see your husband passionately pursuing the Lord, you will be willing to follow him anywhere he leads.” So she has been doing lots of following. She is still enjoying working for inContext Ministries, and both she and Sadie have been enjoying their weekly lunches with the boys at school, taking walks with friends, and riding their bike and trailer together. Brittany gave Sadie a camera one time to take pictures of what she see on their bike ride… lets just say it was A LOT of backside!!! Brittany conquered her fear of going to the discount grocery store to do their weekly shopping and has been enjoying her interaction with people outside of her neighborhood bubble.

Will started 4th grade with a bang up job. But prior to hitting the books he hit the basketball courts the first couple of months this year with his Cinderella team that Nate coached to come in 2nd in their division. He then hit the pool in the summer to have another stellar season of swimming and to overcome his fear of doing a flip off the diving board, which he mastered by summer’s end. He has now enjoyed his 3rd season of soccer and is ready for what we think will be a successful end to the school year. The parents continue to be grateful for his love for his siblings and his heart for giving to…and sharing with…others.

Emerson started 1st grade with a smile on his face and those dimples are still shining. He had his 2nd season of baseball and overcame his fear of playing up a league with machine pitch. By the end of the season he was connecting well with the ball and running those bases. He also had another successful summer in the swimming pool and won a ribbon for placing at the citywide swim meet. He just started his 2nd season of basketball and is so excited to have all of his buddies on his team with him. The parents love his willingness to share his emotions and his tender heart and spirit.

In Sadie’s 3 years of life she doesn’t have much to be afraid of, but she is afraid of the dark and going to bed in general. Her nighttime routine has turned into a solid 20-minute process and still usually ends with her in tears!!!! Better things have to come in 2015. She still says, “Marshfellow” and “foon”, dances to any music anywhere, and giggles uncontrollably most days for all kinds of reasons. She had tubes placed in her ears this winter and we are glad to have what the doctor described as “fluid with a consistency like glue” drained out. We are thankful for her joyful spirit and abounding love for each of us.

And for me, I’ve been working on my fear of stairs. I’m not sure if it is my 13 years of age, bad hips, loss of hearing, or general craziness, but I CAN’T DO STAIRS ALONE!!!!! Check out this piece here about what I’ve taught my parents about those stairs!

The crew is still enjoying happy hour and ½ priced shakes at Sonic, $5 hot-and-ready pizzas from Little Caesar’s to close down the pool in the summer, and staying in PJs all day long on the weekends. A couple of their goals for 2015 are to continue to laugh a lot – mainly at themselves; continue to conquer fears as they come – and they will surely come; eliminate “I Can’t” from our vocabulary; and always be open to walk the path God lays before them. And no matter what… do it as a family!!!!

Love and Hugs from our neck of the woods,

Cooper (the family dog)

Christmas Letter 2014

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