The month of December was long, sad, and quite. Everyone is thinking about the holidays….no one is hiring. The phone wasn’t ringing, the network meetings had dried up, and the resumes stayed on the desk ready to be sent out with no place to send them. During this time we had discussions about not traveling to AR over the holidays to save the $200 on gas money, but we never made a final decision. I never journaled about it nor prayed, but it was certainly something we discussed and worried about. That money was equal to a week and a ½ of grocery money for our family. Then one afternoon this show up….(READ THE CARD) with $200 in gas money enclosed.

Since Nate was home now he took over paying the bills. When we got our mortgage bill for December he realized that in the chaos of October we had double paid our mortgage. We stood in our kitchen, held hands, and prayed that God would send us favor with Wells Fargo and we could resolve our error. I’m mean really now was the time to have that money!!! Within a 3 minute conversation the lady on the phone told him, “Oh, Mr. Bruns’ I see the error. No problem. I have applied it to your next payment so you will not have a house payment for the month of December and it will pick up again in January. What a gift – a blessing – a provision!

I think it is important to note here that Nate and I did have money saved up. We had a savings account with 3 months of living expenses. We called it our emergency fund. We also had a separate savings account that we put our “fun money” into. This had $4000 in it for a mission trip we were planning on taking the spring of 2013 that did not happen. It also had money for Nate to buy a beater jeep and what I had been stashing away for the kid’s weddings and dowries some day. We then had a general savings account that we used to move money around and fund our checking account. In addition, I think it is important to note that we have no debt other than our home.

Over these first 2 months we lived out of the savings account and did the math for how long we could “survive”. We knew that we had four more months to go and the money would run out. And at this point our health insurance had ended. So when Will came down with the flu and the rest of the family started to show symptoms our sights on “survival” seems small and dismal.

The Beginning of a New Beginning, Part 3

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