When Nate and I first married we decided it was time for him to leave getting a graduate degree from Vanderbilt in Chemical Engineering and start perusing being a full time musician. He had this “role” from 2000 – 2004 when we then wanted to start a family. When our oldest son, Will, came we knew God was calling me to leave my career, which I loved, and be a full time Mom and for Nate to leave music, which he loved, and get a new career. Within two weeks he had a job doing Pharmaceutical Sales. Now fast forward 9 years and it is October 15, 2013.

The company decided to downsize. That day Nate had his final meeting. Within a 10 minutes conversation he was informed that they would be letting him go, within an hour he had met with his boss to turn over all documents, computer, and other company property – which included his company car. He had to catch a ride home from his former storage locker.

It was sad, shaming, and overwhelming in one big swoop.

The days that followed were hard. Speaking with our neighbors, close friends, and our family was overwhelmingly shameful.

It was dark, it felt alone, and it was scary!

Our first step was to immediately start looking for a job and apply for unemployment benefits. Within two weeks of applying for unemployment benefits we received a letter from the Unemployment Office that we had been denied benefits. We filed a formal appeal, Nate had a court ordered phone appointment, and within another week we had our final letter that we had been denied benefits. It felt so shameful, and it made me sad and angry.

Didn’t God know that was grocery money we were depending on!

Nate immediately started to network with others in and around our circle of friends. He had some pretty dynamic meetings. He left feeling encouraged, energized, and eager. The phone was ringing from people giving him Pharmaceutical leads and places that were hiring.

But the more he meet with people the more he started to realize that maybe God was doing something.

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